January 8

Yippee, the motor and batteries arrive…….


It’s been emotional (joke) but lengthy….. at last the whole drive system – motor, batteries, BMS, connections and wiring have arrived. I’ve put a cup & saucer on the HUGE motor to give some perspective, but it does say “6Kw, 48 volt, 1750 revs” which I calculate to be 8hp, so we are still working on an 8hp exchange.

WordPress is crazy…..Grrrrrr why is it sideways??

You can see, it’s likely to be a shoe-horning session, and it was so heavy (46 Kilos) I had to install a very speedy pulley hoist on the garage joists, to manipulate the MASSIVE motor??? Why is it so big?.

But, being SO big, it has force a rethink as to where it is to be mounted. I was originally wanting to have it slung under the bodywork between the chassis members almost directly onto the prop’ shaft, but now I’m paying fixed on the ‘A’ frame front chassis and extending the prop’ shaft to marry with to motor drive shaft.


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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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