January 11

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)


11th January 2021, I have decided to REHASH the whole blog. It was good to start with, but I know many of my readers have had difficulty in navigating.

No thanks to the cockwomble who either vandaised it or tried to help – but didn’t…… But it can’t be that difficult to get photo’s and words in a blog format.

Thanks to Joseph at ‘Intuition’ (see the footer for his link) for rebuilding the site.

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Blog, Hackers, Rehash, Vandals, Website

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  1. Hello
    I’m very interested in your electric seven, my Dad is unable to drive a manual because of back problems but has a license for hand controls .

    Is you car running and if so could it be driven with hand controls ?
    What sort of money does it take to get all the kit?

    I would love any pics or info.

    Thanks for your time

    All the best Paul

    1. `hi `paul. As a quick reply….. the Austin 7 accelorator arm could be reversed for hand controls. But a 1933 RP has DUPLICATE speed control actually on the steering wheel.

      Money…a complete kit from Europe (ex fork lift truck) has a 3 phase reversible 15hp motor with Curtis controller. That was £5000 and the batteries can be bought UK for about £2500 using Ex Mitsubishi Outlander recovered LEV40’s by Yuasa.

      I’m hoping after rebuilding the site you can see more pictures

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