December 5

Gambling on EBAY

I’m hoping you’ve read the gamble story (buying an 86 year old vintage car off EBAY), well I have to say I’m pretty sure the gamble has paid off. You will have read that I had the 1933 Austin 10 delivered directly to my repairing/service garage, I thought how difficult could it be (to get it running) if the car was driven into the garage where is stayed untouched for 48 years??

OMG…… So the fist compromise is the photo taken for the EBAY sale….. photographic license!!!! It really didn’t show the thousands of pits in the bodywork paint. Maroon on old cars is usually very good and sprayed on quite thick, but this car has thousands of tiny pin-pricks which have gone rusty.

The engine looks very dusty and ‘untidy’ with random wires all over the place? – but everything is there (pretty good after 48 years!! OK, spotted, 1 clock of some kind missing from the dashboard). So basically it’s a complete car. I asked Steve at the garage to try and get it going. He texted back to me fairly regularly…”we thought it was 6volt, as the headlights were marked 6v, but then the  six volt battery you gave us didn’t crank it, it just went clunk”????  Moving on……. trying it on 12 volt simply made the “Clunk” louder. Oh bugger.

Over a number of days, the list of troubles in the drive chain grow, without one link working properly the whole car is broken…. At home I’m frantically phoning around for :-  A company that can repair the starter. A fuel pump, a carb’ and serviceable parts to tweak the tweakable.

The Austin 10 is a very well supported vintage car. Parts are available going back to the late 20’s right up to 1938/9. It really is a credit to the enthusiasts that have made their business keeping these beautiful cars on the road.

Finding  an almost new petrol pump is almost a miracle. Finding one for this car is looking more difficult, but I have a similar one fitted to the Austin 7 engine which is now redundant. Robbing this engine and parts has saved the day.  Steve reports “Right, the car is ready”………. I rush around to his garage and hear it running for the first time (for me) and it’s TOO LOUD….”Why is it loud?”  They all laugh – “there’s no silencer….Oh bugger” Now a reasonable silencer has to be made.

Inspecting the whole car for the first time is very comforting. I do notice however some white powder…”What’s this powder?” I ask….. “wood worm and they are still boring holes”. Oh for goodness sake, I can see some of the niggles are going to take a lot of time to sort out…….


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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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