The Electrification of Vintage Gems

About the Writer

I’ve been called and labelled some whacky things….. weird, wacky, a boffin, a geek, a nutcase, a motorbiking lunatic and ‘Buelligan’ (I raced an American Buell bike) so you may be able to work out where I’m coming from.

As I rewrite this ‘About the Writer” I am now in my 74th Year and I suppose able to reflect on all the cars and motorbikes I have ever owned during my amazing life.

After leaving Ladybarn Secondary Modern, my Dad signed NORWEB’s Indentured Apprenticeship Agreement. This 6 years of a FABULOUS training equipped me for all things electrical, mechanical, logical and orderly.

I honoured the 6 years and then stayed on for two more years as a tradesman electrician.. I had gained ‘City & Guilds’ in Electrical Engineering. Even as an apprentice and later as a qualified ‘spark’ I drove a 1935 Austin 7 after painting it white.

Being married to my childhood sweetheart, Sue was brave enough to allow me to keep the A7 and even buy others to ‘play around with’. During the following years I had been given A7’s, bought them with friends, renovated various types of A7’s - so I suppose I was pretty expert at knowing all there is to know about the Baby Austin 7.

Life goes on….. I had various electrical companies installing burglar alarms, fire alarms and access control. A 5 year period of semi-retirement allowed me to sail the Caribbean in a 40ft Aluminium Bermudan Cutter. This sabbatical was very rewarding offering a time to think. I came back to the UK with a new idea of making genuine diamonds from cremation ashes.

The common denominator between all these working years was CARS - probably over a hundred. The very best being Jaguar XK8’s in the form of Coupes and the ‘ultimate’ - a beautiful XK8 Convertible…….. and so to the electrocution of Vintage Cars. There is just something fabulous about the 1930’s style of cars - especially Austins.

I found a 1933 RP which was offered as a restoration project. All I can confirm is - it was a DOG. To convert it to electric had to be THE best decision to solve a multitude of quandaries. We now call this car ‘Frankie’ (after Frankensteins Monster)

Now I confess, I didn’t know much about the Austin 10, until by accident I succumbed to bidding for a ‘Barn Find’ (isn’t that just what every man wishes he could find???) The 1933 Austin 10 which I bought in Southport had not been driven - or even touched - since 1972. How amazing to find an original 10 almost forgotten about.

A year before finding ‘ROO’ (she kangaroo’d up the drive!!!!) I had decide to convert the 1933 Austin 7 RP to electric and she really is 99.5% completed but for a few weird connection which are baffling.

However ‘ROO’ the EBAY find turned out to be my absolute hearts desire….and here we are.

Photo’s here are a showcase of various cars.