October 30

A new Lady enters the fold


Countess Veronica : 1933 Austin 10 Deluxe

The Dog (albeit almost fully fixed…Grrrrrr) has ‘left the building’; Long live the Countess Veronica (that’s the monica ‘she who must be obeyed’ has chosen) and you may notice is the number plate CV8010

It’s almost immaculate…. I say “almost” – as driving it back all the way from Hungerford, 6 bloody hours at 40mph, I discovered it (probably) has ‘CrankCase Compression’. This may be a congentital fault with Austin engines. Explosive pressure leaks past the pistons and pressurises the crankcase – which produces an oil vapour mist in the cab. It could well be the reason there is a vent on both sides of the door pillars. Admirers often comment on a little flap.

The last time I suffered like this (by breathing the vapour and developing a chesty cough) was way back in the 1980’s. That was fixed by renewing the piston rings and installing a special oil sealing ring on each piston.

Having just bought this beauty, I ain’t stripping the engine down…. I will first prove it is what I think it is, and VENT IT** (with a small 50mm 12v fan on the end of a 2″ flexible duct pipe). This replaces the filler cap and ducts the vapour dowards into fresh air [thus polluting fresh air……]

Countess Veronica is beautiful. A very good paint job and a fully renovated interior….. leather seats, carpets and headlining. The very kind older gentleman who sold it, also gave me £9000+ worth of renovation bills and a picnic hamper on the rear luggage rail. He didn’t have picnic utensils but carried a hydraulic jack, spares and water etc: I do have a larger period hamper which was assembled for ‘AGU’ (another 1933 Austin 10).

**Venting the crankcase, my sketch is below but basically it is a tiny 3″ 12v electronic cooling fan (power supplies, PC’s et al). A tight but flexible tube slips over the oil filler pipe (having removed the cap) rises up to the top of the radiator area, connects into the fan housing, then with another flexible tube vents the oily vapour under the car. The 12v supply is connected to the petrol pump – obviously ‘live’ with the ignition on.


6v-12v, ATDC, Austin 10, classic, pristine

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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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