June 29

‘Frankie’ – in Body Shop


‘Frankie’ waiting to leave the bodyshop

After being fully stripped of her engine/gearbox, prop’ shaft – the power train, ‘Frankie’ was sent to the body shop [LINK], all the “beautiful patination” was removed and the revealed HOLES fully repaired, in fact stripped right down to the bare metal shell.

“A beautiful patinated (shit paintwork) Car” [not]

The thing about “beautiful patinated” Austin 7 – apart from looking dinky and cute, a crap paintwork and rusty holes really detracts from any beauty suggested.

Now if you look at the repainted ‘Frankie’ you can begin to see a real beauty, still dinky and cute, but worthy of admiration.

SUV, or 4×4, they’re just boring and bloody huge. The Austin 10 and the seven are not tiny

It’s not that I don’t like ‘Modern’ cars (or SUV’s), it’s just they have no character, and they’re HUGE. Compare the vintage Austin, it is just so lovely looking. I know all the modern reasoning that the Volvo has, but they are also so bloody expensive : 2nd hand even 2 years old, about £27,000, then (dealer only) £550 to service, £500 tyres, £750 to Insure and the damned thing DEPRECIATES.

The two 1933 Vintage Austins above cost £6000 each. No MOT; No road tax, £100/yr insurance. They actually APPRECIATE and the Austin 7 here is being converted to battery – fully electric, IT’S THE FUTURE, a no-brainer……..


Austin 10, Austin 7, Dog

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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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