February 28

Rain, rain, rain stops play……

But at long last the motor and controller have arrived from America. But I’m unable to get cracking with Car No. 2 (the 1933 Austin 10 ‘Barn Find’ off EBAY) it isn’t stopped raining for weeks??? . I only have one garage and working in the rain and cold is just incompatible with this hobby……

The American Motor
The basic components

Above are the main components, the huge 15-20hp DC motor, 2 relays, 2 fuses, the regulator and the huge controller. Wiring is ‘plug and play’ (they say 😉 but it really is simpler than the European mixed components.

When this motor arrived via FedEx, the driver asked if I had a fork lift truck? WHAT!!! – No – it’s a private house 😉 but I do have a 1 ton engine hoist….. But he couldn’t wait and asked my to help….. the box weight stated “235lb” (which is 106 kilos!!!!) Jeeeeez I’m only bloody human. I couldn’t budge it, but the driver had to drop it off as it was blocking the rest of the van’s contents and he was in a hurry. In the end he just lifted it by himself and plopped it into a trolley!!!! (I’m sure H&S suggests a max; of 25k for one man???) I dread what his back-ache will be like next but one day (it’s never the next day, it’s always 2 days afterwards….).

Just by looking at the nearby door handle, you can guess how BIG this DC motor controller is. The motor connection cables are ‘0’ gauge – which is a massive 300 amp current capacity, and now I have to think WHERE this monster is to go (compared to the European controller – this is twice as big). I suppose It really has to be in the engine bay and so its a good job Vintage Austins have a lot of space under the bonnet.


Controllers, DC Motor, Rain stops play

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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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