January 10

I have bought more Lithium-Ion-Polymer batteries, now I have two choices……


20200110 still awaiting the American DC motor and the control gear – being sent by Sea!!! Apparantly airlines don’t like anything to do with EV batteries, not even the control gear….. what are they like.

Ooooo these are lovely – from a Mitsubishi Outlander 80% useable
Brand new, EiG very high capacity and perfect for EV’s

25 of these slim EiG EV batteries, are connected in series & parallel in such a way as to provide overall 50volts. Although the controller and motor will take a wide voltage range, I was originally going for 60v but the number of batteries I have bought did not equate to a reasonable BMS (Battery Management System). Each cell is 3.7v rated at 20Ahr with a C rating of 5 – That’s 100Amps!!!!! So connected in parallel and then in series – the power available is phenomenal – however, as I am ‘winging’ this, no-one has mentioned keeping these ‘bad-boys’ COOL or warm for that matter, because you cannot charge Lith-Ion-Po when it is freezing cold, and if they get too hot they could explode!!!! Eeeek

The location of these batteries in the ‘Ten’ will be where the back seat was (similar to the Austin 7) but it is likely I can disguise them with a fabulous Turkish rug I have acquired – which matches the colour scheme : Maroon below a Cream top.


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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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