January 2

A video of the Austin 7 RP

Not sure if this video will load, as it’s huge

We’ll see if it loads……..

I wish to point something out here…….. it was not my initial intention to electrify any Vintage car when I was searching Austins For Sale. I had come across this 1933 RP from ‘Classic Cars’ after ridding myself of a ‘Modern’ SUV. When I arrived at the location, I was early; There was a man beavering away inside it with ‘WD40’ and a wrench??? He said he was having problems with a slipping clutch……hey ho, that’s typical. I had a good look over the “Patinated but original 7” (his choice of words)…. it seemed to run OK and was reasonably original. I did notice OTHER A7’s dotted around and wondered why there were so many????

Now this video came about AFTER being delivered – and that’s the point!!!. It was delivered months after seeing the car originally due to the ‘agent’…he was keeping it until a carrier could be found) and during that period Britain had suffered -5c and unbeknown to me, it must have had plain water in the engine which froze………… Oh bugger

NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE Taking my time to go over the RP, I discover that the engine doesn’t hold water, there are dozens of faults and really, being truthful – IT WAS A DOG……. a different engine for the year, different gearbox, rubbish wiring, wings that didn’t seem right and driving it it was noisy from the back axle…! This was ascertained to be because of a HUGE random tyre was mixed with a smaller 19″ on the rear axle. The Differential was always struggling to keep in mesh………..

The video above (and another showing an engine being assembled) confirms to my mind, this RP was probably a cobble together of bits and bobs. Turns out …….the ‘Agent’ is an Austin 7 body builder come fixer…..

And so – ‘Frankie’ (after Frankenstein’s monster) on reflection…is it worth restoring it???. I bet it will make a brilliant EV


"patinated", donor car, Frankie

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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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