February 1

Another old-timer added…

Then there were THREE….. Joining the original Austin 7 RP – which we have called ‘Frankie’ (after Franknestein). The EBAY find – ‘Roo’ (the kangarooing Austin 10); Now ‘AGU’ – a well known 1933 Austin 10 chrome rad’ saloon

This is the first view that attracted me to hunt this baby down

It’s not that I hate ‘Modern’ cars, but quite honestly it’s like driving around in your wallet. The very last ‘modern’ I owned – a Volvo SUV XC60 ‘Car of the Year’ monster [far too big, too costly to buy and to maintain and too sophisticated – to say the least] Despite an outrageous purchase price for a 2nd hand Volvo, it actually cost me £2500 in depreciation to own for 12 months, £550 service, £100 tyres, plus £750 insurance and £144 road tax, and to add to the insult – it was diesel. We enjoyed it, we toured all over the I.O.M – but it was an expensive beast.

Prior to that ‘modern’ – I drove a beautiful XK8 convertible 4.2 V8 Jaguar, in midnight blue with white leather seats. Bought with only 15,000 miles on the clock yet nearly 20 years old…… another brilliant piece of British engineering but just like a ‘BOAT’ [Break Out Another Thousand]

So how can it be wrong to wish to drive ‘Vintage’? Classic pre-war style, NO sophistication whatsoever, £100 insurance, no MOT, no road tax and an appreciating classic of British motoring history. To keep these ladies on the road it has to be – electrification within the carcass of a true British thoroughbred classic. Vintage-EV.uk


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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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