November 27

Just like my XK8, scrapping is not on………..


When I owned my absolute favourite car – a convertible XK8 Jag’ which I enjoyed to its full – I had a VERY scary moment when the MOT came up – the drivers electric seat unit failed the M.O.T for the WHOLE car. Luckily (that’s my name…..) I found just one on EBAY and we were once again roadworthy!!!!! But at 15,000 miles, immaculate and only just roadworthy. Time to get shut.

This time, it’s the newly acquired Austin 10. Seemingly – and not unexpected after 46 years of storage – the starter was frozen, short circuiting and despite chasing modern repairers to no avail would have rendered the whole car SCRAP!!!  My temperament is always positive, so serious investigation on keeping 1930’s Austins on the road forever reaps rewards, there are a few specialists and certainly one or two genuine spare parts hoarders in regular business. 

I have had worries about TYRES, engine essentials, and the weird small special gizmos that make the Austin really special. My fav’ garage repair man – Steve, calls and says “the rear brake cables are snapped, how on earth do we fix those?” “Leave it with me” I suggest…… ringing around – easy peasy, I even find a man who says he can MAKE anything that would not normally be a readily stocked part – AND he could keep Austin 7’s, 8’s, 10 right up to the ’20 on the road.  So my sincere hearty thanks to all those who make spares their business and our saviour.

Now….. the task ahead is making the ‘Ten’ drivable, dry and reliable………….

Perhaps a blow-over of modern paint will stem the deterioration of the original factory colour which is pitted by thousands of holes harbouring rust



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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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