November 25

What happened to the Tesla 3 order?


You may well bloody ask. That was way back in 2016, I put my £1000 deposit down and actually heard NOTHING for a few months – a bizarre situation.

Even though I knew nothing about the 3, I had a test drive when the S was being shown in Trafford. So when the 3 was announced it seemed like a good idea. My friend Paul had also placed his order a few days earlier and so it was only after I had heard a strong suggestion from Max Keiser that “Tesla we’re bankrupt”  that I asked Tesla Stockport “where is my order confirmation? And what the hell is going on?”

Asking those questions seemed a logical. I hadn’t heard ANYTHING for months!! But out of the blue I received a picture of ‘my Tesla 3’ – from Tesla in the ‘States? The picture was illustrating a BLUE car? I’d not even been asked what colour I desired? All very weird, so I called in to the showrooms (which coincidentally was previously MY Jaguar dealer – Guy Salmon’s site).

Quite frankly, the staff at Tesla, Stockport were HORRIBLE. They didn’t know I was a sign-up customer with a 3 on order. OK, I was scruffy, but that’s not the point, they were eager until I started asking questions…….in the end I decided they were just treating me like shit on their shoe.

Having such fabulous service and customer care from Jaguar – the Tesla staff did nothing to satisfy my concerns about – choices on spec’, a delivery date, the security of my £1000 deposit……. so in the end I simply wrote to the US and demanded my money back………. and still a Paul hasn’t been given a ‘3’ delivery date AND the UK price has risen dramatically. 

I considered my options….. I’d had 13 or 14 Austin Sevens in my 50 years of motoring, ripping out the old mechanics and converting to electric seemed less expensive and offered the best of all worlds – a classic vintage style AND modern battery power…….. the RP is a perfect donor.



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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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