November 5

Just how light is an A7 body & chassis?


Just as a passing thought… I know how much all the USELESS drive train was (engine, gearbox et al) which really gave me the extra weigh margin available for batteries (ie 2 post-war adults and two children in the rear seat at its lightest), but how light is a shell body and basic chassis?.  

Turns out  350kilos…. 

I only had two digital scales, each with a capacity of 150 kilos, so in my simple brain, weighing the front axle complete with new wheels and tyres THEN weighing the back axle and adding together must equal the NET weight. Turns out there is strange imbalance NSF= 69 kilos,  OSF= 77.7, RSN= 101.6 and OSR= 101.2 – which makes a total of 350.5 kilos (772.72 lbs). The front has an extra capacity of 57.6 kilos to balance the car on all 4’s…… oh dear!

Considering all the drive batteries are over the rear axle with a reserve pack in the replica petrol tank, NOT having rear seating is likely to be interesting, especially when I have considered a 230A/hr lead-acid leisure battery where the engine was. This may we’ll be a real balance.

Within 14 days all the new electrics will be available to test the concepts……







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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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