November 2

‘For better or worse, I thee wed’, the old with the (almost) new…….


The original 3 potential ‘EV’ suppliers, all came up with their own schemes for motor power and batteries. I seriously considered ‘Tesla’ 444 cell packs (x2) to make 50volt and a potential longer range. However, the batteries are very expensive, the Tesla Battery Management System [BMS] is very sophisticated and has a more complex charging station fitted at home.

I’m subscribed to an Australian blog reporting on the Mitsubishi Outlander. Over the weeks it has been detailing the progress and reporting is very positive…. As one of my offers included the ‘Outlander’ cells, I’ve now changed my plan, but with only 42 proposed cells, the range would be limited, so I’ve decided on an extra 14 cells – which coincidentally will fit perfectly in a replica of the 5 gallon petrol tank. 

So now we have 56 ‘Outlander’ cells, a BMS, a ‘BlueTooth’ data module with a tried and test iSO App’ and a 1.8kw charger based at home. 

The positioning of the main drive pack (where the rear seat would normally sit) is right over the rear axle. The reserve 14 cell pack in the copy petrol tank is suspended from the chassis. This leaves the front engine bay, the scuttle and the radiator area empty.  I am also planning a 230A/hr ‘deep cycle’ lead acid 12 volt accessory power system, which will be partially supported by 200watt solar panels in the polycarbonate roof space.

It would be nice to be able to balance the weight pretty much like the original spec’………..we’ll see. 


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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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