October 16

And so to the electrics…………………..


Now we come to choosing the replacement motor, electrics and batteries……….

I have offered these photo’s because I’m looking for advise WHERE to house the batteries, the battery controller, and work out the best way to work with the drive motor connected directly to the torque tube……

I quite fancy copying the old petrol tank to house combined cells which will make up the 50 volt driving voltage.   The tank did hold 5 Imperial Gallons and as British manufacturing goes  – weighs 6.5 kilos itself.

I could have a copy made (adjusting the size a little) in aluminium, saving weight and not using petrol at all has saved 16.7 kilos.

NOT using the backseat saves the weight of two passengers and also makes a space for perhaps a couple of  Li-ion flat-packs.

Why all this talk of ‘weight’?           I think – as soon as you mention “batteries” everyone thinks of lead-acid bricks one can hardly pick up.  I’m trying to save weight  in exchange for more lighter more compact, modern batteries – more batteries means longer range – that’s all…. 100 miles would be good. 150 better…..

There has been no renovation of the inside at all – just a steam clean, so when the battery choice has been made, I will then see what to do with strengthening the rotten floor pan


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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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    1. See the renovated spoked wheels!!!! Fabulous, shinny and black, with beautiful 3.50 tyres, easy to clean (but I lost the centre chrome cap).

  1. Interesting project, something that I think will prove to be a very worthwhile conversion that will enable “our” cars to still be useable in the modern age. IMO unmodified cars on busy roads are not really useable nowadays, but improving the acceleration & top speed, let alone the quietness of electric power, will thrust the cars into the twenty-first century – these are not museum pieces (some are) and I see no reason why this modification should not inspire others, I have certainly been thinking about something!

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