October 15

Frank’ comes home…… (why Frank’?)***


I have truly been more than fortunate to have a neighbour who has a shot-blasting shop and also fits tyres.  He volunteered to clean all the 5 spoked wheels, powder coat them in shinny black and also fit the new Avon tyres and new tubes.  How lucky is that…….. 

Whilst waiting for the wheels, I jacked up Frank*** onto stands and covered against the rain.

You may recall the tale about offering a 1929 3 speed gearbox to an unknown man with a beautiful vintage A7 I saw in Sainsbury’s. 

The cost to him was a bottle of Merlot – however I never saw him again until recently.  He was however carrying a bottle of Merlot and wished to see Frank***……. so that was totally unexpected.

I have joined the Hare & Hounds Vintage and Classic Car Club, they meet at the Disley Conservative club on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, and  I was telling the tale about the man above who turned out to be known by some of the members – and that’s how I came to know about 3 more RP’s very near to me.

How can anyone get excited over wheels 

The wheels are so bloody shinny and now that they have been shod with new Avons they look fabulous. 

A break in the clouds allow Frank*** to be re-installed in his garage to await the next additions…. THE BATTERIES

Why Frank*** Oh come on – you know the story of Frankenstein [made from parts!! (well almost….)]

In addition to joining the H&H V & C C C, I was invited to contribute to the ‘Friends of the Austin 7 Club’ forum…… and so, the drums started beating…..

I had stated at the outset (here), the Traditionalists, purists and true followers of the Austin 7 – once they find out about ‘electrification’ – I would get some stick.  Sure enough, the guy who facilitated the sale/purchase seemed to take it upon himself to castigate the conversion……his own idea was to simply drive the car in the state I bought it!!!!!! Jeez!!! I don’t think so. Despite his description, the actually state of the bodywork and engine – the car was a real wreck……..and so the tribe are beating the drums.








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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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