March 10

I’ve now found a restoration bodyshop –



Thanks to Bullocks Street Garage, Steve picked up the A7 on a flatback and his lads stripped (and I mean STRIPPED!!!!) the shabby car down to a shell.  

I now have a garage with weird smelling wrecked leather seats, a horrible engine, a huge silencer (…for a 750cc engine!!!!! it’s huge) and a petrol tank.

Stockport literally has dozens of car repair, bodyshops and specialists in the metal trade.  Finding one that can do EVERYTHING proved difficult. Some came to the house but didn’t like the job?? One came to the garage where it had been stripped to the bone, but only specialised in certain parts of the restoration. 

Finally, I have agreed that AutoSpray Bodycare will tackle the whole body – steam cleaning, metalwork repair, straightening and welding. I’m not going for full ‘concourse’ condition, the care was shabby but in sound condition, so a fresh three colour repaint is preferred. I’m going for ‘Coffee & Cream’ on black mudguards. 





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Oh Dear…..websites ;-)

Oh Dear…..websites ;-)
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